Rwanda is a little hidden nation in East Africa that has grown from what used to be the youngest to one of the biggest destinations in the region. The landlocked country is sandwiched between Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi and is part of the East African Community. A legislative body governing the East African as a way to bridge unified development through the region.

Over the years, Rwanda has become a force to be reckoned with.

Gorilla Trekking

As one of the biggest selling points for the tourism campaigns in Rwanda, gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Parks in the Northern part of the country has become a very lucrative attraction for incoming traffic. Mountain Gorillas in Africa are only found in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC.

Growing Economy

There is nothing more appealing than a country whose economy is growing faster than expected, people get curious about what is leading to that. In most cases this attracts many “business tourists/” investors keen to study all the major factors contributing to the growth.

Infrastructural Growth

The Rwanda of 1994 is far more different than the 2017 one; from the well constructed roads and planned regions to the lush countryside. Rwanda is sparing no chances when it comes to creating ease of accessibility and lighting up the country.

Beautiful Culture

The people of Rwanda are warm and inviting which makes it easy for visitors to want to know more about the cultures of Rwandans. A vibrant deep rooted culture which shows in the bright and beautiful colors, how people dress or even some of the best crafts you can find and one of the most famous dance traditions being the graceful Ntore dance.

Political Stability

Rwanda has been under the leadership of Paul Kagame since 1994 when he came into power, since then elections have been held and outcomes have been embraced with instability. The general view of the nation is that of peace loving people and visitors are assured of being safe.

Monumental History

Even though the country went through one of the most horrific genocides in the history of Africa, Rwanda has turned the Rwandan genocide into a positive point in their history. The Kigali Genocide Memorial Center serves as a memoriam for the lost lives and a teaching point condemning senseless killings and xenophobia.

Hospitality Industry

With almost all the biggest hotel brands setting up shop in Rwanda such as the Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Serena Hotels the hospitality industry in the country is a step ahead. This includes the unveiling of the Kigali Convention Center in 2016 that was built to accommodate some the many international conferences that take place in Rwanda.

Business Tourism

This can be defined as when individuals are still working and being paid, but are doing so away from both their workplace and home. Business Tourism is growing in Rwanda due to the many Investment opportunities as well as the hundreds of  conventions and conferences taking place in Kigali.